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Active local and global mission is at the heart of Port Au Prince Fellowship.  That is not surprising in that so many of our members are active missionaries in Haiti.

Every Sunday we pray for the harvest field and for the persecuted Church. We see that God is doing a great work across the globe and we want to be a part of what He is doing.

Not only do we minister to missionaries and pray for global evangelism but we currently give more than 45% of that which we receive in tithes and offerings back out into financial support of missionaries, both here and abroad.  Listed below are the missionaries we are currently helping with in regard to support.  As you review their information, we invite you to also take the time to pray for them in their challenging work.

Michelle Clark


Michelle Clark worked for two years as a missionary with International Justice Mission (IJM) as a liaison between the organization and churches in Bolivia that worked with abused women.  In 2014 Michelle changed organizations and presently serves in El Alto,  Bolivia with an with a non-profit Christian organization called Word Made Flesh that works among prostitutes and those affected by prostitution. Her role is to communicate to others what God is doing in their midst, and to promote the sales of the artisan products the women produce for alternative employment.

Basha and Vivian

1426204_563756300370207_639888491_n   Basha and Vivian – together with their 3 children – are missionaries with World Horizons based in Cairo, Egypt.   As well as being the WV team leaders in Egypt, the focus of their ministry has been developing Christian business people in Egypt by taking young Christian entrepreneurs; giving them a good Biblical base and teaching them best business practices in order to open business across Egypt. This not only provides Christians a source of income, but a platform to gain respect and acceptance of Egyptians as an avenue to speak into their lives about Christ.   Please pray for this family and their ministry as they seek to further the Gospel in a difficult and often unstable environment.

Paul and Ashleigh

 espy   Paula and Ashleigh Espy – with their four children, Zach,  Julia, Mayson and Ivey – are missionaries with World Gospel Missions in Kenya, East Africa.  Paul is working as an urologist at Tenwek Hospital and in keeping with the goals of WGM, together they are seeking to minister to the whole person – physically and spiritually.  Please pray for their ongoing transition to life in Kenya and for opportunities to reach into their community through medicine and any means God might use.

Carlos and Tereza


Carlos and Tereza  (with Jose and Elizabeth) are from Brazil. They have served with World Horizons since the early 1990s and met while both were members of a team in West Africa.

They began their mission work in the North African nation of Morocco in 2000.  In July 2008 they moved to Brazil where they travel from to support workers in other fields.

Tereza is responsible for the partnership between their organization (WH) and a local denomination. She also supervises a Training Center in Bebedouro, Brazil which serves churches from different denominations.

Carlos is working from Brazil via email and skype at the International Office of World Horizons. He also serves as part of the International Executive Committee, helping the International Director of WH. And at the same time he travels about 13 weeks per year representing the international director at conferences and meetings. He also visits field leaders, and does Pastoral Care. Another thing he is doing is facilitating translations from English into Portuguese of books on how to reach Muslims for Christ.

Brenda Fuller

Brenda FullerBetween 1984 & 1989, Brenda served as a missionary in Haiti, where she administrated an orphanage and two schools. Her experiences in Haiti motivated her to return to the States and earn a Masters Degree in Education from West Chester University in 1991.

She returned to the mission field in 1997 to begin Compassion of Christ World Mission.

The ministry presently has a school and church in Haiti. More recently in Benin,Africa, they have begun two schools, and a church. Brenda has not only established a work in Benin, Africa but she ministers as well in Ghana,Togo,Mali, and Burkina  Faso which are all in West Africa.

Country of Benin

  • Benin is located in the 10/40 window and has many tribes and villages that have not yet heard the message of Jesus Christ.
  • The cult of Voodoo was born in Benin, and it’s roots go deep.
  • As a whole, the people are fascinated with ghosts and witchcraft. Their voodoo has strong demonic strongholds.
  • Most Christians (about 30% of the population) are nominal. Therefore, traditional African animistic and voodoo practices are mixed with Christian beliefs.
  • Muslims control most of the Northern area of Benin (20% of the Benin population).

Stephen & Nicole

Stephen and Nicole are with Frontiers organisation that are serving in Syria. They are reaching the Muslim people in this nation through one on one evangelization. This is done through building relationships with the people and gaining their friendship and trust.

Being relatively new missionaries to Syria they need your prayers as they continue to study the language and learn the culture.  We need to pray that God gives them wisdom and protection as they live in a  nation that is anti-Christian. They have to be careful in what they say and do so they don’t get in trouble with the government or Islamic people.

They hope to, in the near future, start some kind of business or non-profit work to help the needy in Syria and be a Christian witness.

Sony & Patricia

Sony & Patricia Camilus live in Haiti and serve with Campus for Christ.  They are Haitians ministering to their own people. They could have gone and lived in the States but have chosen to serve God here. They live by faith, depending on love offerings and gifts.

The focus of their ministry is making disciples for Christ in the Haitian Universities. The goal is to raise up Godly leaders in the nation of Haiti. They coordinate Christian student movements on the campuses of Haiti. Also, they do training seminars to equip the students to do evangelism and discipleship. Along with this they provide Christian materials that will enable them.

 Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. VOM was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand,  who  was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ.

        VOM helps, loves and encourages persecuted Christians through  their five main  purposes.

  1. To encourage and empower Christians to fulfill the Great Commission in areas of the world where they are persecuted for their involvement in propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by providing Bibles, literature, radio broadcasts, medical assistance, and other forms of aid.
  2. To give relief to the families of Christian martyrs in these areas of the world.
  3. To equip local Christians to love and win to Christ their enemies who are opposed to the gospel in countries where believers are actively persecuted for their Christian witness.
  4. To undertake projects of encouragement, helping believers rebuild their lives and Christian witness in countries that have formerly suffered Communist oppression.
  5. To emphasize the fellowship of all believers by informing the world of atrocities committed against Christians and by remembering their courage and faith.
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