A non-denominational English-speaking church in Haiti



1. Faith accept things that have been done by God without having to witness them. 11:3

2. Faith makes sacrifices that are pleasing to God. 11:4

3. Faith coupled with obedience is righteousness and pleasing to God. 11:5-6

4. Faith causes people to earnestly seek God and expectant of God’s reward. 11:6

5. Faith believes the unbelievable. 11:7

6. Faith results in holy fear. 11:7

7. Faith moves us to action. 11:7;28

8. Faith obeys God’s calling even when it is not fully understood. 11:8

9. Faith looks beyond present fulfillment and reward. 11:9-10; 13-16

11. Faith doesn’t focus on the circumstances, but the promise and the One who controls the circumstances. 11:11; 17-19

12. Faith produces results. 11:12

13. Faith speaks God’s blessings over others. 11:20-21

14. Faith believes in deliverance and a future hope. 11:22

15. Faith casts out fear, which causes you to take the risk. 11:23

16. Faith refuses the pleasures of sin and willing to give up the treasures of earth for one’s eternal reward. 11:24-26

17. Faith doesn’t fear men, and perseveres in trials because of Him who is invisible. 11:27

18. Faith accompanied by obedience and action brings about victories and miracles.  11:29-35

19. Faith perseveres in suffering and accepts persecution for the sake of God’s kingdom and the good of all. 11:35-40

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