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In I Kings 17:7-16 there is the story of the widow at Zarephath. There has been many teachings on this portion of scripture concerning faith, obedience and God’s provision. I myself have read it many a time, but there is one things that I never noticed is that God commanded Elijah to go to the widow that she might supply him with food. Elijah didn’t know that she was destitute, but God did. I find it odd that God knowing this chose a destitute woman to supply Elijah’s need? Why?

I believe it is because God wanted to meet the widows need. He wanted to use Elijah to bless her. I find interesting that God had already commanded her to supply Elijah’s need before he had even talked to Elijah. Had the widow already heard from the Lord on this matter? I don’t think so, but God made her predisposed.

What would have happened if the woman had not received, believed, and acted on the Word of God to her? She would have missed out on God’s provision. Sometimes, God sends people are way who are in need while we are in need ourselves. It would be easy to ignore their need, but sometimes God calls us to supply another persons need even as we are in need in order that God might meet our need.

The widow shared the little she had according to the command of the Lord. As result, she had enough food for her and the prophet Elijah during three years of drought. Let us be careful to not let our lack hinder us from obeying God and meeting another persons need. This might be the very thing God chooses to give you a financial break through.

We often teach that God gives proportionally to our giving. The more we give the more we get. This is a biblical truth, but not the whole truth. The widow didn’t give the prophet much, but her return was great. Yet, God gave proportionally to her giving in that what she gave was a lot compared to what she had. God doesn’t look only at the quantity, but takes in consideration the sacrifice made in the giving. A sacrificial giver who obeys the Word of the Lord will always receive a great return on their gift.

In the weeks and months to come when you are presented with a need don’t look at what you don’t have or your need, but hear the voice of the Lord in that situation and obey Him even if it may require great sacrifice.

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