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A phrase in the book of Daniel really struck me. Three times in the HCSB version of the Bible an angel says to Daniel, “you are a man treasured by God”. (Daniel 9:23; 10:11,19) Wow! I thought to my self, I would sure love God to say that to me. In the NIV, it says, “highly esteemed one”.
Why was Daniel treasured or highly esteemed by God? If I could understand this, then I could seek to be highly esteemed by God. He then could say to me, you are treasured by God.
In general, Daniel was treasured by God because he well represented God. The Bible says we are God’s ambassadors. (2 Corinthians 5:20) One of Daniel’s great godly qualities is he would not compromise God principles, but live a holy life. (Daniel 1:8) Even in the midst of severe persecution and possible death, Daniel and his three friends would not compromise their faith. (Daniel 3:17-18) I like to use the word quality because in my mind it denotes something that is developed while characteristic denotes something inherent.
A second quality of Daniel that God definitely approved was his loyalty to God. Daniel would take no credit for himself, but gave God all the glory. (Daniel 2:27-30) Another reason I believe that Daniel was treasured by God is because God’s Spirit was on him. (Daniel 4:9,18)
A third quality that was pleasing to God is the courage Daniel had to speak the truth even when it might not be pleasing to others and may even mean death for him. (Daniel 4:19-20)
A fourth quality is that Daniel did not seek wealth or position, although he had much of both. (Daniel 5:16) Also, Daniel did not serve the Lord for wealth or position.
A fifth, and sixth quality of Daniel is that he was trustworthy and diligent. (Daniel 6:4)
A seventh quality is that Daniel was a man of prayer and spent time in communion with God, and would allow nothing encroach or hinder him from spending this quality time with his Lord. (Daniel 6:10)
A eighth quality, Daniel was a man of the Word. (Daniel 9:2)
A ninth attribute of Daniel is that he was a man of humility, recognized his own sinfulness, and identified with God’s people. (Daniel 9:4-19)
Now many of us may lack these qualities in our lives, but we must not be discouraged. You are still treasured by God despite our lack. David had insight into this idea. (Psalms 83:3; 135:4) David understood that the people of Israel were treasured by God, and we know that it wasn’t because of their godly qualities. They were chosen by God to be his treasured possession. We to who are in Christ are God’s treasured possession, but it has nothing to with us but the work of Christ on the cross. Positionally, all in Christ are treasured by Him.
Yet, let us not use this as an excuse to become lazy in our Christian character and qualities. We need to pursue God and seek to obtain the qualities that Daniel manifested. When we have these qualities, our relationship with God has a new and greater dynamic. We will experience God in a greater way and He will be able to use us in a greater way.
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